Welcome to The AlphaBone Journeys Video Series

Join Dr. Fonky and Dr. Gerdy as they take your child through a series of captivating, fun, fast-moving, and educational video “Journeys”. Various musical instruments, terms, and concepts are introduced, explained, and demonstrated. And because music is the universal language, these “Journeys” leverage that universality as a platform to introduce and inform regarding concepts in geography, history, travel, culture, math, and reading. And the most fun of all is that they also provide opportunities for your child to “jam” and play music in real-time with Dr. Fonky, Dr. Gerdy, and their special guests.


Dr. Fonky recommends that your child view these short (17 – 23 minute) videos sequentially, as there is a method to his “educational madness”. As he explains, “While they might not be High Tech, they are definitely Informative, High Value and BIG Fun!”


So grab something to bang on or play…whether a drum, a kazoo, or a bunch of pots and pans and Join the Journey!