A Fanciful, Whimsical, Musical Journey of Zaniness and Craziness.
The Alphabone Orchestra Childrens Book

Catch the rhythm and dig the beat as famed musicologist, Dr. Dude B. Fonky takes you on a tour of the UPPER and lowercase alphabet. The radiant, kaleidoscopic illustrations will make reading time pleasurable as your child is introduced to letters, but also, through the use of clever alliteration, it will help them begin to distinguish between initial sounds in words. The inclusion of a “Glossary of Musical Terms and Instruments,” complete with hand-illustrated instruments, will expand their general knowledge of music.


A percentage of all Alphabone sales will be donated to Music for Everyone and Lancaster Early Education Center.

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Ages 0 – 5

With the structure of a traditional alphabet book, Alphabone Orchestra provides the perfect platform to help familiarize toddlers with letters, colors, and sounds. The book teaches the alphabet in the context of creative unique instruments illustrated with the children’s interests in mind.

Ages 5 – 10

Not only will the children continue to grow in their alphabet and reading skills, but they’ll also begin to learn musical terms and instruments. Alphabone Orchestra introduces a wide array of musical facts to its readers, helping boost their familiarity with the music world.


Adults can also learn about the benefits of involvement with music education through a series of “Grace Notes” offered throughout. These items highlight music’s power and potential to positively impact issues and outcomes relating to education, community building and personal and public health, thus serving as an advocacy and promotional vehicle regarding the value and importance of music in our schools and society.


“Alphabone Orchestra is a virtuoso performance by writer and illustrator, Dr. Gerdy. The illustrations with their rich colors and energetic lines perform a jazz concert for the eyes. With this book, Dr. Gerdy has expanded his advocacy for the importance of music education into a new medium…and this reader hopes it is only the beginning. Fun to read and look through, this opus is also filled with information about music that even well-versed readers will find educational. If you love to chuckle, enjoy the wonder of words used well, and appreciate a book that you can share with children from one to ninety-one…and beyond, this hits the high the low and all the notes in between.”

Mary Cae Williams

Head of School (Retired) - New School of Lancaster