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Dr. Gerdy has written and published six books and over 100 essays, articles and blogs on subjects ranging from educational reform, to the role of sport in our schools and society to the value of music and art as an educational, community building and public health tool to personal stories regarding lessons learned through participation in music, the arts and athletics.
Here he offers a compilation of essays and blogs relating to various issues regarding the importance, role and impact of music and the arts in our families, educational institutions and our culture and society at large. Also included are engaging personal stories of experiences and lessons learned as a life long musician, former professional athlete, founder and executive director of Music For Everyone and of the challenges and joys of taking up painting at age 60.


These wide ranging essays cover everything from education reform to highlighting the therapeutic power of music to keep us connected while isolating in the midst of a global pandemic to getting ordered off stage in one of the last remaining juke joints in the Mississippi Delta.


In short, there’s something for everyone. We hope you find them informative, inspiring, provocative and sometimes, even amusing.

The Campaign for “Bandwork”: It’s Now Personal
Why should we care whether bandwork becomes an “official” word?
A Bucket List Moment in the Mississippi Delta
A year or so ago, I met friends to travel and experience the history of the Mississippi Delta Blues.
Connecting the Dots: Music and Mental Health
The healing potential of music relating to psychological issues and problems is enormous.
The Power of Music in a Stressful Pandemic
Times like these can spur intense internal reflection about what is important in life.