A magically musical journey through the Alphabet!
The Alphabone Orchestra

Alphabone isn’t your average alphabet book. With this book, children can learn their letters alongside creative characters who have a passion for all things music. The radiant illustrations will make reading time pleasurable as your child is introduced to letters and instruments. The use of clever alliteration will help them begin to distinguish initial sounds in words, which promotes vocabulary and language development. The inclusion of a “Glossary of Musical Terms and Instruments”, complete with hand-illustrated instruments, will expand their general knowledge of musical instruments. Alphabone Orchestra is not only a colorful, fanciful introduction to the alphabet and visual arts, consider it as your child’s first music lesson!

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The alphabet like you've never seen it before!
Alphabone Orchestra was created in a way that is fun, useful and engaging for a wide range of learning stages.
Ages 0-5
Learn the Alphabet!

With the structure of a traditional alphabet book, Alphabone Orchestra provides an engaging platform to help familiarize toddlers with letters, colors, and sounds. The book teaches the alphabet in the context of creative, colorful and unique instruments illustrated with children’s interests in mind. Children will learn to recognize letters and their shapes and build phonological awareness as they distinguish between initial sounds in words through rhyming and alliteration.

Ages 5-10
Teach Musical Terms!

Not only will children continue to grow in their alphabet, vocabulary, language and reading skills, they will also begin to learn musical terms and instruments. Alphabone Orchestra introduces a wide array of musical facts to its readers, helping to boost their familiarity with the world of music. The inclusion of a “Glossary of Musical Terms and Instruments”, complete with hand-illustrated instruments, will expand their general knowledge of music.

Learn something new!

Alphabone Orchestra is not only for children. Adults can also learn about the various benefits of music through a series of “Grace Notes” offered throughout. These items highlight music’s power and potential to positively impact issues and outcomes relating to education, community building and personal and public health. Alphabone Orchestra is not only fun and educational for children, but also interesting and informative for the adults who read it to them.

Other Educational Opportunities

Bring Dr. Gerdy to your school, professional group or community.

John is available for speaking engagements and workshops. He has a unique blend of experience and accomplishments in athletics, music and the visual arts.

He can speak with authority on subjects such as:


The Arts as an Educational and Community Investment

The Role of Sports in Our Schools and Society

Non-Profit Entrepreneurship

Blues for Teambuilding and Development


For more information regarding the types of presentations he makes, please visit his personal website at JohnGerdy.com or contact him at John@AlphaboneOrchestra.com.

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“Dr. Dude B. Fonky explores the alphabet with alluring alliteration that are sure to amuse everyone. This book has a rhythm that is engaging and easy for everyone to follow, with the added bonus of grace notes. I am sure this musical journey will be a family favorite.”
CEO of the Lancaster Early Education Center
Nina Moragne
"Loved The Alphabone Orchestra! Having taught 3's and 4's for forty years and always looking for exciting new books, The Alphabone Orchestra hit all the right notes for this pre-school age-group, especially the use of bright colors and great ideas for instruments I could find for kids to touch, feel and play and listen to while reading. The book was such an innovative approach to teaching the alphabet through sounds and rhymes and giving children such broad exposure to a wide range of musical instruments. Such a welcome addition to the traditional approach of teaching letters and shapes. Kudos to Gerdy who must love music and children!"
Retired pre-school teacher in Connecticut,
Cynthia Lopiano
"I met John 8 or 9 years ago when I was asked by Music For Everyone to design and paint one of the well know street pianos for Keys for the City. Not long after the piano hit the streets and many creative conversations with John I was asked to join the board of directors for Music For Everyone. For the next several years I watched John, studied John, and learned from John as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader.

For the last two years I have had the great privilege of working with John as HIS mentor and teacher. As a man of many passions and disciplines it came as no surprise when he told me he wanted to explore the visual arts and learn to paint. After the incredibly successful debut of his first complete series, “Fonk Responsibly” in 2019 he immediately began to work on his “Alphabone”series. During our once, sometimes twice a month private classes I would show him new techniques and offer different perspectives to his compositions and of course engage in hours of creative brainstorming. John has been and continues to be a source of great inspiration and advocate of arts education in our schools and communities. It only makes sense that he is now the author AND illustrator of his first children’s book.
I continue to be unsure of who is teaching who…."
Artist and Art Educator
Loryn Spangler-Jones